Maria Pali: Marathon Running with Your Period

I first came across the idea of environmentally friendly sanitary care back in the 1990’s via the Women’s Environmental Network. They had a nifty sewing pattern to make simple sanitary pads using a plate as template. The idea stuck in my head but it was when I was on a six month trip to India and ended up spending great chunks of it wild camping in the tribal heartlands of Orissa and Madyhur Pradesh


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How the Mooncup fits in with my Vegan Lifestyle

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Make sure your Mooncup® is the Real Deal

Make sure your Mooncup® is the real deal

So you’ve been thinking about ditching the disposables for ages; your best mate’s been raving about the Mooncup® for years now; tampons are a drag and you’re fed up spending your hard earned cash on throwaways every month. You decide to take the plunge, do an online search, find a really cheap deal and finally make that purchase. Periods haven’t felt this exciting since you were 12! One week later the much anticipated item lands on your doorstep… You rip open the package and…oh dear…it’s not a real Mooncup. And what language are those instructions written in?!

After taking the time to reconsider your sanitary protection and deciding to ‘give change a go’ you may not have considered where you are actually going to make your purchase. But did you know that unless you buy your Mooncup from our website shop at or an authorised retailer/e-tailer listed on our site there’s a chance that you (and your vagina) might not be as satisfied with your purchase as you expected?!

Is that really a Mooncup?

Worryingly there are a number of counterfeit Mooncups lurking on the internet, primarily on large third party e-commerce stores and auction sites. These cups are of unknown origin and composition and appear to have been manufactured in the Far East. The logo, font and images on the packaging are almost identical to the Mooncup branding but the content within the instructions for use is incomplete and there are no contact details included.

In addition there are a multitude of menstrual cups online that use the name ‘Mooncup’ or ‘Moon Cup’ on their product listing or product packaging, despite both the actual cup and branding differing from that of the genuine Mooncup. These cups too often have insufficient usage instructions and no information about their composition or their manufacturer’s details.

Whilst these instances are reasonably rare they are on the increase and although we do our best to keep track of and report these infringements there will always be counterfeits that slip through the net. We feel particularly bad for the people that contact us because they’ve realised they’ve been fooled into buying a fake or more worryingly, experienced problems with a copy cup.

Why is it so important?

We work hard to produce our cups to the highest quality standards from superior materials here in the UK. Great care is also taken in our choice of packaging and the suppliers that we source from to make sure the Mooncup is as ethical and eco-friendly as possible.  As a company that is committed to supporting new users with an advice service run by qualified health professionals, the thought that substandard menstrual cups (with inadequate usage guides and no listed contact details) are circulating somewhere out there is of great concern to us.

As the world’s first silicone menstrual cup, Mooncup® is a brand synonymous with quality and, we’d like to think, a name that people can trust. Sadly buying something called a ‘Mooncup’ doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the real deal.

Menstruationstasse? менструальная чаша? kubeczek menstruacyjny?

Finally there may be instances when you really feel absolutely certain you are buying the genuine article. Unfortunately however Mooncups can make their way along unauthorised distribution channels and onto large third party international ecommerce and auction sites. Buying a Mooncup from one of these sites is all very well and good until you open the packaging and find the instructions enclosed are in a language you can’t understand!

So where can I buy my Mooncup?

Thankfully Mooncup Ltd works with great distributors in over 50 countries worldwide so finding a genuine Mooncup® product with all the benefits that entails – including a menstrual cup manufactured to the highest international quality standards (ISO13485) and access to an advice service run by qualified medical professionals – shouldn’t be a problem.

Authorised retailers are listed on our website  – just go to the Buy The Mooncup page, select your location and check the lists of stores and websites in your area.

And remember you can always buy that most beloved of menstrual cups direct from us here at Mooncup HQ. We ship to every corner of the globe in packages that fit neatly through most letterboxes. So do yourself (and your vagina) a favour and buy a real Mooncup® from an authorised retailer with usage instructions you can understand.


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